Goodbye Green Square, Hello 52 Week Challenge

A lot can happen in a year.

The green square is the fully automated mode on my Canon 40D. For the next 52 weeks I vow to swear off the green square in an effort to develop my photography skills. I am not a professional photographer and have no intention to go back to school to become one (my parents just took a sigh of relief). But, I want to get better and take my hobby to the next level. Oh, and I like structure and goals. I have been trying to figure how to approach the steep learning curve that photography brings and I have found it to be especially difficult to not have a mentor to lean on and learn from.

My plan is simple - each week I will study one new function on my camera or photography skill I would like to learn. I will post one photo each week as a reflection of what I have **tried** to learn.

You can help. If you are a photographer, send me a "to do" - what do you think I should focus on one week? If you are a friend (or stranger) give me feedback on what you see. Be honest - what do you love? hate? (don't be too brutal...I am a novice!).

So, I am hoping a lot can happen in a baby steps. If I dedicate myself to developing one new photography skill each week, I will be 52 steps closer to my goal. I hope to be able to see a significant difference by February 6, 2011.


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