Week 1: The Shot that No One Else Got

I thought I would start off with a creative (and not so technical) challenge. I emerged from my cozy apartment and set out today in the 30+ inches of snow to find the non-obvious great photo op. I knew I would find a bunch of folks out and about snapping away to get some pictures of the big DC snow, but I wanted to find something else. I decided to go to one of the most photographed spots in our country - the National Mall, in search of the picture that no one else would take. Plus, I plan to do a shoot there later this week and wanted to scope out the place. As I approached the Washington monument I was a bit disppointed. There really isn't too much there other than the enormous structure pointing to the sky. So, I took a step back and observed. Of course everyone was pointing their cameras to the sky. Not me. I turned around and there it was - the odd water fountain. I smiled because it made me think of the shoot this week and how the girl described her and her boyfriend as one being really short and the other really tall. This should make for a good shot with them. Now, back to the monument. Is there really anything, any angle of this giant thing that hasn't been shot to death? Well, I thought to myself, I bet no one takes photos of the base of the monument with no one around. So I started to take the shot and she appeared in my frame. She wasn't posing for anyone but rather trying to escape the ripping wind coming across the other side of the building. Perfect. No one else got that shot.


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